US Marine Corps Zippo Lighters

Black Marines Skull With Ribbon Zippo Lighter- Click Here to Buy!

Black Marines Skull With Ribbon Zippo Lighter- Click Here to Buy!

Do you know a Marine that is either active or retired? If you do, we have a few Zippo lighters that might be a great gift to honor their service to our great country in its time of need.

My personal favorite is the Black Marines Skull With Ribbon Zippo Lighter, it has a really cool design that is on a black matte finish which is a very sharp combination.

Some of the others that might interest you to check out include the Black Military Crest US Marines Zippo Lighter, the U.S. Marine Corps Zippo Lighter, the U.S. Marines Seal Zippo Lighter, the Marines Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest Zippo Lighter, the Solid Brass Marine Corps Zippo Lighter, and the Marine Globe & Anchor Logo Zippo Lighter.

These are just our Marine Zippo Lighters, we have Zippos for all the other branches of the armed forces as well. They are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t before!

Zippo Lighters For The Veterans You Know

Vietnam Bullet Chrome Lighter Zippo 7050 - Click HereTo Buy

Vietnam Bullet Chrome Lighter Zippo 7050 - Click HereTo Buy

Since Veterans Day was yesterday I figured I would let you know of some of the great Zippo lighters we have that would be great gifts for the Veterans you know.

The Vietnam Bullet Chrome Zippo Lighter 7050 tells the story about how Sergeant Martinez carried a Zippo in Vietnam and it ended up stopping a bullet that probably would have killed him.

We have many Zippo Army, Navy & Military Lighters in all styles and colors. Our U.S. Marine Corps Zippo Lighter, U.S. Army Zippo LIghter, and the Wings Of War Zippo Lighter are other great ideas.

For Patriotic Lighters we have the American Flag and Eagle Patriotic Zippo and the U.S. Waving Flag Flip Top Lighter. These are only some of the great lighters we have to offer visit our store to view all the products that we offer.

Construction Of The Zippo Lighter

U.S Army Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

U.S Army Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

The cases of Zippo lighters are typically made of metal and are rectangular in shape with a hinged top.
Inside the case are the works of the lighter: the spring-toggle lever that keeps the top closed, the wick, windscreen chimney, thumbwheel, and flint. All of which are mounted on an open-bottom metal box that is a little smaller than the bottom of the outer case, and into which it fits snugly.

The hollow part of the interior box encloses a rayon batt which is in contact with the wick. The fuel, which is usually naphtha but can be any flammable and volatile liquid, is poured into the batt, which traps it in it. It also contains a tube that holds a short, cylindrical flint. The tube has an interior spring and exterior cap-screw that keeps the flint in constant contact with the exterior thumb-wheel. Spinning this rough-surfaced wheel against flint, results in a spark that ignites the fluid in the wick of the Zippo.

The batt once had a small hole in the bottom to facilitate easier refueling. It was often used as a place to store extra flints. Newer models do not always have the hole, and instead have a flap in the bottom of the batt (with the hinge on one of the short edges). The words "LIFT TO FILL" are stamped in black ink multiple times on the bottom, with the intention being that the user should lift the flap and squirt the fuel in to the batt material under the flap to fuel their Zippo.

All parts of Zippo lighter are replaceable. In all there are 22 parts, and the Zippo lighter requires 108 manufacturing operations.

WWII Zippo Lighter Facts

Black Military Crest US Marines Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

Black Military Crest US Marines Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

No other event in history increased the popularity of Zippo lighters more than World War II. From 1943 until the end of World War II, Zippo’s entire production was shipped to Army Exchanges and Naval ship stores for the soldiers in combat around the world.

Because brass and chrome were in short supply, Zippo windproof lighters were made with a porous steel and then coated with a thick black paint that was baked to a black crackle finish. This produced a slightly rough surface and distinguished it as a World War II lighter.

The inside unit was also different from today’s standard issue Zippo lighters. Straight flat sides meet the front and back surfaces with squared edges. The chimney has fewer holes, and a hollow rivet holds the striking wheel in place.