Lucky Strike Zippo Lighter Trick Video

Watch this video to learn how to do a pretty cool and easy Zippo Lighter trick.

Leggaly Walk Zippo Lighter Trick Video

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Gesture X Zippo Lighter Trick

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Sticky Fingers Zippo Lighter Trick Video

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Double Snap Zippo Lighter Trick Video

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50 Cool Ways To Light A Zippo Lighter Video

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Zippo Flip and Light Trick

This is another pretty cool trick you can do with your Zippo to impress your friends, family, or a date

Twilight Zone Zippo Trick

Watch this video and learn a pretty cool trick with your Zippo lighter. It will only work with a real Zippo brand lighter so don’t try with a normal flip-top lighter because it won’t work. Enjoy and remember practice makes perfect!

Zippo Lighter Tricks

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Doing tricks with Zippo lighters have been an American past-time practically since the company began producing the one-of-a-kind lighters. Some Zippo trick experts have made entire careers out of traveling around the world displaying their Zippo lighter tricks at Zippo lighter
conventions, trade shows and conferences.
If you’re a new Zippo lighter user, check out these two quick and easy-to-master Zippo lighter tricks. No Zippo owner can survive without these fundamentals!

1. "The Squeeze"
The Squeeze is a quick and easy way to impress your friends by opening your Zippo lighter seemingly by magic. This trick is one of the most basic Zippo tricks in the book and requires very little time to master. Begin by holding the lighter as you normally would when preparing to open the lid. Balance it on an angle in your most comfortably hand with the base of the Zippo that is on the hinge side resting in the center of you palm and your thumb on the outside edge furthest from the hinge.

Rest your index and middle fingers on the top of the lighter. Quickly slide the top two fingers down the backside of the Zippo lighter, using just enough pressure to pop open the lid. As the lid pops open, the lighter will straighten itself in your hands as if by magic!

2. "The Lid Smack"

The lid smack is a popular way to open the Zippo lighter and is featured in many Hollywood blockbusters.
Basically, this move takes about two seconds to master, but looks excellent when any Zippo user does it.
Simply hold the lighter firmly between your thumb and forefinger on each end (the opening end and the hinge end.)
Using quick force, smack the Zippo lighter against your knee or a nearby tabletop (a friend even, if you’re dying to impress.)
As you smack the lid, quickly flip the lighter in the opposite direction of the hinge.
Flipping the Zippo lighter simply causes the lighter lid to flip open by sheer centrifugal force.
When the lid flips open, the flame will pop right up. The whole move takes about one second – Just enough to please your date.