Lucky Strike Zippo Lighter Trick Video

Watch this video to learn how to do a pretty cool and easy Zippo Lighter trick.

Replacing Your Zippo Lighter Wick Video

This video will show you how to correctly replace you Zippo Lighter wick. I hope those of you who watch will find this helpful!

Video of How to Replace Your Zippo Lighter Flint

Here is a video that might help some of you who are new to Zippo Lighters. Changing a flint is very easy, but can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Enjoy!

Leggaly Walk Zippo Lighter Trick Video

Here is another pretty cool Zippo lighter trick that is slowed down at the end of the video so u can see it done slowly and learn how to do it yourself.

How To Refill A Zippo Lighter Video

This video is for those of you who are new to using and maintaining a Zippo Lighter. I hope you find this helpful!

Gesture X Zippo Lighter Trick

Here is a little more difficult Zippo lighter trick you can learn. It is pretty cool so be sure and watch it!

Sticky Fingers Zippo Lighter Trick Video

Here is a pretty simple Zippo lighter trick I thought you might like to learn. Check it out and let us know if you like.

Double Snap Zippo Lighter Trick Video

This is a pretty cool way to light your Zippo Lighter that you can use to impress someone or to just entertain yourself. Either way it is pretty cool to watch!

50 Cool Ways To Light A Zippo Lighter Video

Check this awesome video out, it will show you some nifty new ways to light your Zippo lighter and impress all your friends.

Tour of The Zippo Lighter Factory Part Two

This is the rest of the Zippo lighter factory tour that I posted the other day. I hope you enjoy the rest of it and it teaches you valuable info about your Zippo lighter.