Video of How to Replace Your Zippo Lighter Flint

Here is a video that might help some of you who are new to Zippo Lighters. Changing a flint is very easy, but can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Enjoy!

Twilight Zone Zippo Trick

Watch this video and learn a pretty cool trick with your Zippo lighter. It will only work with a real Zippo brand lighter so don’t try with a normal flip-top lighter because it won’t work. Enjoy and remember practice makes perfect!

How to Maintain Your Zippo Lighter with Care

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Before we begin this process of putting the passion back into your Zippo relationship you will need the following tools: A flathead screwdriver, an extra flint, a rag, a whole lot of love and Zippo lighter fluid.

Gently open the Zippo with whichever fingers you use to do that and, admire its inside beauty. Make sure that you handle the Zippo Lighter like you would a baby chick, caressing it to show it that it’s loved. This will help build trust between you and the windproof lighter as you get ready to remove its parts and refill it with lighter fluid. Refilling the lighter fluid is just like rekindling the flame between two old lovers.

After much assurance that everything will be alright, remove the Zippo insert from its case, exposing its vulnerability to the world. Like so many others with a hard exterior, the Zippo is really soft and sensitive inside. Lift up its soft cotton strip and prepare to pour in the love.

Take the Zippo lighter fluid container which I call the Vessel of Love and pop the top. Soak the exposed cotton ball with lighter fluid but please be careful not to get overexcited and over do it with the pouring. Give yourself a moment after you are finished for it may be months possibly years before you get to do that again

The flint of the Zippo has probably given itself to you over and over throughout its life at your every command. And, now that the lighter fluid love has been given and received, it’s time to replace the flint. Without make any abrupt or sudden moves that may scare the Zippo, gently take the screwdriver in hand. Battle and defeat the coldness of the screwdriver by warming it with your fingers as you begin to unscrew the gold cap that leads you to the precious flint.

Unfasten the Zippo’s cap, the only obstacle between you and the flint and pull out the lengthy slender coil. Set the cap, coil and used flint, which are all connected together, gently on the table as you would a napping infant. Seize the replacement flint without the used flint seeing, for it will cause too much pain knowing it is being replaced by a younger flint. Throw the old flint away and move along to the new. Attach the new inexperienced flint to the coil and re-insert the flint and coil into the corridor.

Once again take the screwdriver that which the Zippo is now well acquainted and screw the cap in place. Feel free to screw it hard as it needs to fit snug. Set the screwdriver down and slip the Zippo back into the comfort of its sleek metal case. Gently rub down the Zippo with a soft towel, removing any blemishes your foul dirty fingers may have left on its beautiful case.

Properly set the mood by playing some Marvin Gaye as you prepare to strike the flint and test the fruit of your labor. Close your eyes and envision the lighters flame calmly floating in place above the Zippo’s chimney like leaves of a tree blowing back and forth from a gentle breeze. Open your eyes and with the controlled aggression of two Tango dances ignite the Zippo!

Keeping your Zippo lighter happy is fairly simple to do. Keep it filled with Zippo lighter fluid love and pick it up a pair of flints once in a while and it’ll ready to burn for you whenever you want. And unlike your spouse or significant other you can always send it back to Zippo for a free repair if there is an issue you can’t handle.