Uses for Zippo Lighters Around the House

Pewter Emblem Maltese Cross - Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

Pewter Emblem Maltese Cross - Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

For over 65 years the Zippo windproof lighter has provided a source of portable and reliable flame. This fun sized, fits-in-your-hand American icon is known for its Lifetime Guarantee, its dependable flame, and that unmistakable click that identifies it as a real Zippo lighter. A Zippo is portable, collectible, and perfect for pocket, purse, backpack or toolbox. Zippo lighters are useful in a multitude of ways. Here are a few uses around your house:

Your Zippo lighter will help…

  • to light the pilot light on household appliances.
  • to ignite propane torches.
  • to light your way to the fuse box or circuit breaker.
  • as a tool for hobby and craft projects.
  • to locate drafts in window jambs and doorways.
  • lighting birthday candles.
  • setting the scene for a romantic evening: lighting candles, the wood-burning fireplace and a favorite flaming dessert.
  • a treasured personalized gift for Christmas, graduation, groomsmen gifts or any special event.
  • building a collection of prized Zippo lighters.

There are many more uses for a Zippo this was just a few to think about and give you more ideas!