Zippo Lighters Celebrate Their Anniversaries!

Standard Street Chrome Zippo Lighters - Click Here To Buy!

Standard Street Chrome Zippo Lighters - Click Here To Buy!

In 1982, Zippo celebrated the 50th anniversary of its lighters by producing a replica of an early model for the first time ever. It was a flat bottomed, solid-brass model and had a diagonally-cut line on both the top of the lid and the bottom of the case. This was the reproduction of the 1937 model and came in a box that had the same design as the one used between 1935 and 1940, which bore the illustration of the "Windproof Beauty".

The Commemorative box had a gold finish rather than the original silver finish. This reproduction was based on the 1935 prototype box that was never used in production. The Vintage Series made its first debut in 1985; it was a reproduction of the square-shaped 1937 model. While the Commemorative Zippo Lighter was a reproduction of the 1937 model, which was manufactured by pressing. In 1988, the reproduction of the 1932 model was offered only through subscription. The original 1932 Zippo lighters are extremely rare these days.

The reproduction model had a 1/4 inch thick plastic raised bottom to accommodate a regular inside unit and the regular inside hinge was placed outside of the case. To commemorate its 60th anniversary, Zippo sold a set of six reproduction models. The replica of the 25th anniversary model, which was produced in 1957, is the one that mostly resembles the original.

Twilight Zone Zippo Trick

Watch this video and learn a pretty cool trick with your Zippo lighter. It will only work with a real Zippo brand lighter so don’t try with a normal flip-top lighter because it won’t work. Enjoy and remember practice makes perfect!

Zippos Create Jobs When They Are Needed

Black Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

Black Zippo Lighter - Click Here To Buy

The 1930’s was a time of severe depression in the United States. Many citizens lost their jobs, wealth, and even their real estate. Although there were some that slacked off due to their rich stature, the vast majority was trying its best to figure out ways to make money. Mr. George Blaisdell was a part of that majority and consequently discovered the Zippo lighter.

At the beginning, the Zippo Company was a small business situated on Rickerson & Pryde on Boylston Street. There were only three employees making the actual lighters, which were based off the concept of Austrian lighters. Blaisdell wanted his lighter to be compact and one-handed, so that smokers would have as little trouble as possible when lighting their cigarettes.

The original 1932 Zippo was rectangular in shape with a hinge that covered the body and its three barrels. However, the model was soon revised the following year. The lighter was modified so that it was smaller by a ¼ inch, and thereafter Zippo went on to become one of the most famous lighters in history. When it first debuted, it was sold for $1.95. Blaisdell also decided to implement a lifetime warranty for all of his lighters and thus provided free repair.

Other business officials saw that they could advertise their business by means of Zippo lighters. As a result, Marlboro and the Kendall Refining Company have had long-term relationships with Zippo. The concept was phenomenal, especially for the purpose of advertising. A lot of these advertisement lighters have become valuable collectibles. However, they are pretty rare and can be sold at high prices. Everyone should be on the lookout for these rare jewels!